Google One 2TB+ plans add premium Meet video features, like no 1-hour group limit

Since the 2018 launch, Google One has been adding more features for those that subscribe to 2TB or more of storage. The latest addition to Google One is premium Workspace features, starting with enhanced Google Meet video calling.

“Enhanced video calling” previously required a paid Google Workspace subscription and benefits include:

  • One-hour time limit for group video calls removed. Now up to 24 hours
  • Filter out background noise, like dog barks or construction sounds
  • Record and store calls to Google Drive to “relive and share special moments like virtual birthday celebrations”

This comes as Duo will soon be replaced by Meet, and users of that new experience will face limitations they previously did not have. The 60-minute cap for group calls will be felt on the web and Google One now provides a paid way out of that. (Those using the mobile app will mostly not encounter any Duo-to-Meet restrictions.)

Enhanced Meet video calling is starting to roll out today to 2TB+ Google One subscribers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, and Australia. More countries are “coming soon,” along with “additional select premium features from Google Workspace — across Google Meet, Gmail and Calendar — and other Google products.”

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Google One 2TB+ plans add premium Meet video features, like no 1-hour group limit 2

Google One already offers extra editing tools/filters in Photos and the Android/iOS VPN. This joins Pro sessions, Gold status on Play Points, and 10% back in the Google Store. The 2TB plan costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 annually. Plans go up to 5, 10, 20, and 30TB.

Meanwhile, it will be quite interesting to see what premium Gmail and Calendar features are. As is, Google One is shaping up to offer more than a few similarities with Google Workspace Individual. For $9.99/month, single-person businesses can get the same enhanced Meet capabilities, as well as Google Calendar booking and Gmail features, like templates and multi-send for email campaigns.

However, Google made the point to us that the premium Workspace features offered by Google One are not meant to replace the Individual — or any other — business tier. The consumer nature of Google One was also emphasized today, and that will likely guide what future functionality is added for 2TB+ subscribers.

What kind of premium Workspace features do you want in Google One? Comment below!

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