Google is always making changes to meet, and soon it won’t matter meet or zoom

Google has announced that they will be adding support for new features such as embedded interoperability at no extra cost in 2018.

As of now, Google Zoom will become interoperable with standard meeting rooms. Administrators can activate this interoperability at no extra cost and allow trusted devices to easily join cross-platform calls.

The crucial note is that initially, Google Meet and Zoom interoperability will be available on all Zoom Rooms across all platforms. Zoom-supported devices will be limited to Chromebooks, which are currently the only devices that support Zoom.

Google wants to help you improve the meeting experience to better connect your remote and on-site employees together. The hybrid workplace includes features such as adaptive framing and assigning devices for specific breakout rooms. Dave Citron, Director of Product for Workspace says, “With the move to a hybrid workspace, organizations need to bridge the gap between locations and devices, and facilitate more immersive connections between their people, partners, and customers. This is especially important in conference rooms and shared spaces where video meetings are occurring more regularly with a return to the office.”

Google announced new devices for both Poly and Logitech in their announcement of Google Meet. The Chromebooks have traditionally been standardized on ChromeOS systems, but the rise of popularity of Android-based video conferencing has led to a need for improved platform support. With these new developments, Poly Studios, now starts bringing out the X-30, 50, and 70 devices this October, while Logitech will soon be doing the same with their Rally Bar Mini device.

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