Poly’s Award-Winning Studio X Video Bars Will Provide The First Android-Based Video Appliance for Google Meet

The Poly Studio X family of appliances includes the Poly Studio X30, Studio X50, and the TC8 controller. These devices will be the first Android-based appliances to offer a native Google Meet experience and deliver a streamlined and purpose-built meeting room experience.

With the help of Poly Studio X, your meeting room will receive top quality video that is easy to install and comfortable enough for everyone to enjoy.

The new feature in Poly Director uses AI and machine learning to deliver automatic transitions, framing, and tracking.

Sound innovations such as NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence technologies are innovatively used in everything from walkie-talkies to rock concerts.

When you schedule a meeting with someone, there’s a lot that goes into preparing for the meeting. Poly was built to empower people for business meetings, meetings with essential clients and meetings with difficult individuals. Poly provides more detailed analytics through our AIPoly AI feature that gives an up-close look at each meeting participant.

Google Meet improves video collaboration by helping make it easy for your employees to meet online. We’re excited to partner with Poly in order to provide the best possible meeting experience for everyone using Google Meet at our locations.

Poly is about to celebrate its 10th anniversary, and for the past nine years, it has focused on creating video communication solutions for people. Poly recently unveiled their new upgrade called “Google Workspace,” which provides an intuitive and powerful solution for the enterprise. Poly believes that future meetings will be more innovative because of the investment in digital solutions.

The Poly Studio X family includes a first-of-its-kind comprehensive room solution that’s exclusive to the Google Meet. It boasts three different units: Studio X30, which is perfect for small rooms, and Studio X50 and X70, which are better suited for medium or large rooms respectively.

Full HD video with a smart camera experience using Poly DirectorAIs.

Room-filling audio and crystal-clear microphone pickup

Poly USB Device Mode (PCM) for multi-platform flexibility

Dual display setups are similar to split-screen setups, except that you see both the people and the content on one screen. You can also expand them to a full fan and view both at once.

One-touch click to join TC8.

Managed by Google Workspace

The highly secure Windows 8 secure operating system is protected with a hardened operating system that prevents hackers from accessing your data and spreads updates without any third party involvement.

According to a recent report issued by Frost & Sullivani, top concerns as it relates to the future of work are lack of meeting equity, lack of proper technology, and distractions at home. Poly’s suite of pro-grade audio and video equipment is designed to eliminate distracting background noise and deliver total meeting privacy.

Poly offers a wide range of Google Cloud certified solutions with options tailored to suit workstyles and locations, including:

Google Meet is a new virtual workspace. Poly Studio’s USB video bar and P5 webcam make it easier for anyone to collaborate across the globe, while our Voyager headsets and Sync speakers help improve even your phone calls.

Poly is proud to be the exclusive desk phone manufacturer approved for Google Voice. We offer a wide range of devices, from headsets and speakerphones to a desktop webcam.

Poly is committed to making your workspace better than your wildest dreams, and that’s why we’ve got Chromebook compliant devices compatible with Savi headset family, Blackwire video conferencing gear, and the Poly Studio P15.

When a Google Meet and Google Voice certified device is connected to the Poly Lens App, IT managers can troubleshoot and update software remotely. With support available on ChromeOS devices in Q2 2023, you’ll see why your devices are safer and more secure when used with the Poly Lens App.

Poly Studio X family certified for Google Meet will be available worldwide on January 2023. All other certified devices listed above are currently available.

For more information on Poly certified devices for Google Meet, Google Voice, and Chromebooks: visit: Poly Solutions for Google.

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