The following are four Google Meet features that will help you do your best work.

Zoom has been increasing in popularity recently, so Google created a video conferencing app to help meet more people. Google Meet is Hangouts on Demand exclusively for G Suite users. The consumer version of Hangouts will still exist, but G Suite users can take advantage of current and upcoming features by switching to Meet On.

Live captions can be used for a variety of reasons, such as to caption online types of media.

People with hearing difficulties often have a hard time hearing when there is noise. By adding live captions, you can ensure that every person in the audience hears your speaker clearly. You can enable this feature on Google Meet by going to More Options > Live Subtitles and clicking on Enable Live Captioning.

Laptops for Absent Attendees

Google Meet can be used to record virtual meetings with those who were unable to attend. This is not only a fantastic method to let those who couldn’t attend know about the meeting, but it also works wonders when you need the information after the conversation or for future use. Start by selecting the “Activities” icon on the bottom right, and then click “Start Recording.”

Be it Android, PC, or Mac, Screen Sharing works just fine with any device.

There are many ways to share your screen with others in Google Meet. One of the most popular features has been renamed and is called Present Now. The feature is still available, so use it for virtual presentations, troubleshooting, and more.

Canvas Project Connection

You can make or take calls with the website while viewing it on a laptop or desktop, which is super cool! It’s one of the nicer bonuses that Meet has to offer.

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