As expected, Google is combining Meet and Duo

Google is — once again — revamping its messaging efforts, this time combining Meet and Duo into a single application.

Duo is the popular video calling app Google released in 2016. Meet, meanwhile, is the company’s more comprehensive offering, supporting more platforms and positioned as a competitor to Zoom and Teams. Google is now merging the two apps, blending Duo’s base with Meet’s name.

Google’s messaging efforts can best be described as a chaotic mess.we have got the breakdown of the company decade and a half of poor decision-making in the messaging space. Google has started, promoted, and then killed off more messaging products than most people can keep track of.

With this latest messaging shakeup, Google is clearly trying to reassure users that the transition will go smoothly and that they won’t lose anything:

Standardizing on Duo’s codebase also gives a clear glimpse into Google’s plans. As a mobile-first app, Duo is a core part of the Android ecosystem. In fact, as part of the Google Mobile Services (GMS) collection, it’s a required component for any company using Google’s stock Android OS on their devices. In contrast, users must manually download Meet.

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