Google Docs and Spreadsheets

Google Docs and Spreadsheets: Document List

The Google Docs & Spreadsheets list of documents document list lets you manage files that you create or upload. You can designate collaborators and use a drop-down menus for saving files in different formats without opening them.

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Google Docs and Spreadsheets: Images in Documents

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Google Docs and Spreadsheets: Applying Styles in Documents

Google Docs lets you apply fonts, colors and point sizes directly to text, or use predefined HTML styles for formatting. The comment that you see in the background is merely a specially-formatted block of text, not a separate comment created by Word and other programs.

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Google Docs and Spreadsheets: Special Characters in Documents

When you use Google Docs & Spreadsheets in Internet Explorer, the special character dialog lets you insert either standard HTML, special characters or symbols from the WingDings font. In Firefox, you can insert only the standard HTML characters and not WingDings. Characters in the WingDings font will display correctly on all Windows systems, but on a Mac it must have Microsoft Office installed on the system.

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Google Docs and Spreadsheets: Document Revisions

A Revisions drop down menu lets you choose work with any earlier version of the file to view. You can copy anything from an older version into the current one. Other menus let you compare two different versions.

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Google Docs and Spreadsheets: Collaboration

Google Docs & Spreadsheets allow specific users to modify a document or only to view a document. Each name that you specify gets an e-mail invitation with a password for viewing. You can also make a document viewable by anyone who knows the address.

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Google Docs and Spreadsheets: Blogging

You can publish documents to any blog and you can label a document with category labels while editing it.

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Google Docs and Spreadsheets: Spreadsheet Formatting

A drop-down menu in Google Spreadsheets allows for basic formatting options. Note the clean design and brief descriptions of each choice.

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Google Docs and Spreadsheets: Spreadsheet Functions

As with standalone spreadsheets, you can enter functions directly, or select them from hundreds of a menus with hundreds of choices.

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Google Docs and Spreadsheets: Spreadsheet Chat

A built-in chat function lets collaborators discuss a spreadsheet while working on it. There’s no similar chat feature available for documents.

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