How to use Google Sheets on your desktop with dark theme

When you need to make sense of data in your spreadsheet, using Google Sheets in Dark Mode can help reduce eye strain. Here are a few ways that you can use this feature on your mobile and desktop devices.

Today, we’re going to provide a simple way to switch your Google sheets to dark mode in both the mobile and desktop versions of Google Sheets.

If you want to view and use Google Sheets in dark mode on your Android or iOS device, follow these simple steps: To apply dark mode to your Google Sheets on all your devices, head over to the Google Sheet app Settings and select Dark Mode.

Open Google Sheets on your phone.

To open the menu on the top-left corner of the screen, tap the three-line hamburger icon.

Select Settings, then choose Channel.

On the Google Play Store, select Theme > Dark.

Once you’re finished with your theme selection, be sure to press the back button on your browser to get back to the Theme menu. When you want to switch back, select Light this time.

System Default is exactly what you’ll get when you choose this customization option with the Google Sheets app. You can also check the default mobile theme setting if you forget, so don’t forget to do it either!

No need to view Google spreadsheets in the Light Mode! With this feature, you can view an individual spreadsheet without the black background.

You can also apply a dark theme to all spreadsheets within Google Sheets. You can’t make one file different from another, but you can select the light or dark themes for your preference.

Open the individual spreadsheet.

Select the three-dot icon on the top-right corner of the screen,

When writing in Excel, you may find it easier to write on a white background. In order to switch to a white background and use the green theme for your content, you must toggle the View button by clicking the icon next to File > Options > View.

The dark mode can be toggled on or off by turning off the View in light theme setting.

To use the System Dark Mode Settings in iOS and Android, click on your device’s brightness button by pressing the volume up and down buttons simultaneously.

With the simple button press, you can use every app on your Android smartphone by switching to a dark mode. This will also apply to your spreadsheets if you choose the System Default option in the Google Sheets/Excel app.

Open Settings and go to Display & Brightness.

Dark is the story of a struggling artist.

Apple devices have a feature called Night Shift that lets you customize the color temperature of your display and help reduce eye strain. On an iPhone, go to Settings then select Night Shift to set your schedule. On an Android, you can also change the dark mode from a custom schedule or manually by navigating to Display settings.

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