Much-needed Gmail redesign greatly simplifies settings on iOS

The Google Gmail iOS redesign is finally here, and it’s long overdue. Before you know it, every Gmail user will see these improvements on their iPhone or iPad.

Previously, accessing the Settings menu at the very bottom of the navigation drawer would take you to a menu that starts with “General settings” and then lists all your accounts.

App settings (such as the theme and mail swipe actions) are considered “General.” Everything else requires opening account settings. That’s further split into sections like Account, Inbox, Notifications, General (again), Meet, Nudges, Inbox Tips, and Data usage for an extensive list.

This release has a new settings experience, which makes it easier to manage your preferences.

Our new Gmail settings redesign starts by removing the General and conversations distinction. The preference list starts by immediately breaking out options for Chat, Meet, and Archive from one list. Meanwhile, colorful icons are used throughout to make everything stand out more.

With email templates designed for business, you can easily create and send professional-looking emails. You also have access to high levels of features such as notifications, inbox, and compose/reply. You’ll also get a reasonable general section.

Gmail’s settings redesign is a great and helpful update for iOS users. It focuses on being more user-friendly, similar to the way Google Chrome handles some of its preferences. This would be a great addition to the Android app as well, since it would provide a streamlined and more user-friendly experience that all Android users could enjoy.

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