It’s so simple to enable and disable RCS Chat in Google Messages!

SMS, or Short Messaging Service, is new and exciting. Its downside, however, is that it basically hasn’t changed much since it was created. It lacks a number of features newer messaging apps have had for years, even on the best Android phones. As such, it’s time to try something new. Rich Chatting Service (RCS) is Google’s idea for the next generation of texting, but what exactly is it? What do you need to know about using this technology?

RCS is a new text messaging protocol that makes sending text messages easier and more reliable.

Google’s Messaging Standard, known as RCS, was released with the goal of unifying texting across app and carrier boundaries. RCS enhances the texting experience and delivers a secure platform for users. It includes modern features like media sharing, encrypted messaging, and typing indicators.

It’s easy to use RCS within your Android phone – simply download the app and chat happily away with any Android user. However, texting someone with an iPhone can be a daunting task. Apple continues to refuse RCS even though Google has publicly called out Apple to adopt it.

When you browse the Web from your mobile, a new technology called RCS (Rich Communications Services) may prompt you to enable it before you set it up.
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If your phone came with MMS messaging capabilities, this is probably the place where the Messages app would automatically prompt you to enable RCS if you haven’t already. If the prompt below shows up, you’re ready to use RCS.

You can tell you’re sending RCS messages when the input dialog box says “Chat message”. If you aren’t prompted to send Google Messages, check out these additional steps.

In order to take advantage of RCS, you will have to manually enable the service and create a new contact.

If your phone doesn’t automatically enable RCS Chat, make sure you’ve done the following: Go to Settings -> Phone -> Calls -> Add Call -> RCS Universal Profile.

Messages app.
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The three dots in the upper-right corner show that you can tap on them to do something else.

If you’re running into issues with the app, try selecting your Google account icon instead of the Sign in button to log in.

Click on the Settings icon in the upper-right corner of the section.

Tap Chat: Features

Enable the chat features by clicking the “Tap the Enable chat features toggle” button.

Tap the “Yes, I’m in” button.

You’ll see a Connecting message in red text and then a Connected message in green text. Once you’re connected, RCS is ready to go!

To disable notifications on your phone while chatting, open Google Settings and then click on Notifications. You’ll need to go through a few steps before you can disable them.

For a variety of reasons, it might be best to disable the RCS chat feature in your Messages app. Losing your connection for an extended period of time might be one such reason.

You can disable the RCS chat features on your device by following these steps:

Open the Messages app and set a new message.

If you want to manage your email preferences, select the three-dot menu in the top right corner of your screen.

You need to go to Settings when you’re using Affilimate.

Tap Chat offers a variety of features, including: live chat, random one-on-one chat rooms, and free calls

Set Enable chat features to off.

In the pop-up window, you’ll see an icon of a circle with an X inside. Tap it to turn off.

You have been removed from existing chat groups.

Now that RCS is deactivated, any messages you send or receive will go back to SMS/MMS instead. It’s also advisable to disable RCS before getting a new phone. If you keep your old phone, it’s easy to disable these settings first. If you no longer have access to the phone, Google has a form you can fill out to deregister your number.

What features does Google Messages by Microsoft possess?

In the Chat features section of the Settings menu, you’ll notice some options to enhance your RCS experience:

This feature gives users the ability to get acknowledgement of whether or not the other has read their message.

Show typing indicators: By enabling this feature, two users will see when the other is typing. There is no way for other users to know if the other person is typing or not without turning this feature on.

If you have this option switched on, your messages will automatically resend as text (SMS/MMS) if the person you’re communicating with loses their connection to RCS. This is useful for when someone loses their connection and you still need to communicate with them.

Message reactions: If both members have Messenger on desktop, you can react to each other’s messages. You’ll need to press and hold the message you want to react to, and then tap the emoji you want to react with before tapping “Send Now”. The recipient will see your reaction on their screen. This is available for all kinds of messages in Messenger, including when your contact does not have RCS enabled.
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Group messages, or RCS-enabled group text conversations, are created when all users text have RCS. This group means that all group members can take advantage of RCS features and communication. Maybe one person is typing, but the other members get a notification.

It is a requirement to implement end-to-end encryption between users. You can see that you’re using encryption if you see a lock icon next to your read receipt.

Soon, you will be able to respond to a specific message in a conversation as part of our new response flow.

You can now watch YouTube videos that are in a conversation within the app. With our new feature, you’ll be able to respond quickly and resolve any issues much more quickly.

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