Gmail’s iOS 16 lock screen widget looks great, but it’s not coming today

Google has revealed a series of new lock screen widgets for the iPhone, including one for Gmail. The refreshed lock screen is one of the major changes in iOS 16, and Google’s apps will support it eventually. But it won’t be available until later in the year.

Keep your fingers crossed because Google is taking its sweet time releasing new widgets. You can start using the showcase today to add widgets, but until they’re available, we’ll walk you through it and show you how it all works.

The Gmail lock screen widget lets you quickly check your account’s status. One is a list that simply indicates the number of new / unread messages in your inbox, while another view is an interface that gives you detailed counts specifically for sections like promotions, social or Google Chat matched messages, or just the Calendar and Messages count.

There’s a circular widget showing the number of new messages, a bar with separate sections showing counts of unread messages tagged shopping, Google Chat, promotion or information, and a date at the bottom.

Gmail has multiple widgets for the 16th-generation iPhone operating system.

With the Google Maps Starmap widget, you can easily find all that information without going to other apps. You can also set single-tap shortcuts for nearby food, entertainment, and more. So whether you need to know about public transportation or your location to show up on time for work, it’s easy to get with just a few taps.

With our smart widget, we allow you to easily search for the best places to go. Find the perfect coffee shop, restaurant, hotel, or shopping destination.

Google search is a quick and easy way to find information that you need. You can also add widgets to the Chrome browser or use the “one-tap” button on your mobile screens to open up Google Search with shortcuts like voice search, translations, and shopping.

Other widgets in the works include several for Google Chrome to open your browser, head to voice search, dive directly into an Incognito tab, or open up the dinosaur game. The Google Drive widget can give you access to starred levels with one click and also notify you when a level or document has been shared with you, while Google News has a widget to compete with Apple’s own News app.

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