Gmail is getting the security upgrade it’s always needed

Google users can now use a new security feature that will ensure important company data isn’t revealed to outsiders or missed in spam, making it less likely that any sensitive or personal email is missed during web browsing.

The company revealed that Gmail and Google Calendar will now offer support for client-side encryption, making them the latest in a long list of Google products to gain this encryption capacity.

If a business uses this system, Google will not be able to view any encryption keys necessary to intercept a user’s internet traffic. This means that even they won’t know your credit card number or phone number.

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Gmail users will soon be able to schedule meetings at specific times with the same flexibility and ease of use as everything else that our team is doing. Timeline-based events will become available in 2023.

In the latest Gmail update, a new security feature has been added. It will prevent anyone from reading a message if it’s composed in Gmail, ensuring that only the person who composed that message can see it and its intended recipients.

As a transparency measure to thwart malignant actors, Google has announced that it will release all of its public encryption keys. Now, businesses have the opportunity to manage their own encryption keys.

“Above all else, a secure environment is a requirement no matter your location or device,” said Google in relation to the broader security features announced at Cloud Next.

“We also want to help customers strengthen the confidentiality of their data and to address data sovereignty and compliance requirements.”

Google has announced that they are extending client-side encryption to other parts of their productivity suite, such as Google Meet and Google Docs.

New features coming to Google Drive will help businesses keep unwanted content out of business-critical information, while also focusing on their own needs and preserving them.

TechRadar Pro reached out to Google to see when customers could expect to benefit from these additional security upgrades.

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