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The big difference with regular functions is when they are used as object methods. In this freeCodeCamp YouTube course, you will learn about the basics of JavaScript including conditions, loops, functions, objects, arrays, and ES6. You will also build a blackjack game and Google Chrome extension.

  • Array elements don’t all have to be the same type of value.
  • JavaScript is the world’s most popular programming language.
  • Always make sure you understand all the “Try-it-Yourself”
  • Functions can be assigned to a function property, and in this case they are called methods.
  • This tutorial will teach you JavaScript from basic to advanced.
  • As you can see, when we have multiple properties, we separate each property with a comma.

JavaScript is a programming language that adds interactivity to your website. JavaScript objects are variables that contain multiple data values. Objects use keys to name values, much like how is done with variables. In this freeCodeCamp course, you will learn about basic JavaScript, ES6, regular expressions, basic data structures, Object Oriented Programming, and functional programming. JavaScript is a popular programming language used for building web applications, among many other things. There is a special method called constructor() that we can use to initialize the class properties when we create a new object instance.

A brief intro to the syntax of JavaScript

After you have learned the basics then you can start building beginner friendly projects. A class can extend another class, and objects initialized using that class inherit all the methods of both classes. They are a way to define a common pattern for multiple objects.

JavaScript Lessons

In JavaScript, most things are objects, from core JavaScript features like strings and arrays to the browser APIs built on top of JavaScript. You can even create your own objects to encapsulate related functions and variables into efficient packages. Here we teach object theory and syntax in detail, look at how to create your own objects, and explain what JSON data is and how to work with it.


You’ve seen this stuff already in the course, but only in passing — here we’ll discuss it all explicitly. From basic syntax and data types to advanced topics such as object-oriented programming and DOM manipulation. Const does not mean “constant” in the way some other languages like C mean.

  • In JavaScript we have a global scope, block scope and function scope.
  • In particular, it does not mean the value cannot change – it means it cannot be reassigned.
  • Variables are named values and can store any type of JavaScript value.
  • This tutorial supplements all explanations with clarifying “Try it Yourself” examples.
  • If you pass a number, that always evaluates to true unless it’s 0.

Functions can be assigned to a function property, and in this case they are called methods. The value of a property can be of any type, which means that it can be an array, a function, and it can even be an object, as objects can nest other objects. And like regular functions, we can only return one value. It’s basically the same as while, except the condition is evaluated after the code block is executed. JavaScript is a powerful programming language that can add interactivity to a website.

JS Object

What started as a tiny language inside the browser is now the most popular language in the world. An excellent series of video tutorials to teach the math you need to understand to be an effective https://remotemode.net/become-a-net-mvc-developer/javascript/ programmer, by Keith Peters. The easiest way to learn Programming concepts for absolute beginners step by step. The easiest way to learn semantic and accessible HTML and CSS step by step.

When we need to have a reference to a value, we assign it to a variable. The variable can have a name, and the value is what’s stored in a variable, so we can later access that value through the variable name. In practice, you will most likely keep a well defined style and adhere to what people commonly use, and enforce this using a linter or a style tool such as Prettier. In the same way, on the server it can be sometimes hard to separate the JavaScript language features from the APIs provided by Node.js. JavaScript is now also the language powering databases and many more applications, and it’s even possible to develop embedded applications, mobile apps, TV apps, and much more.

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