Here’s How you can share your YouTube live video in Google Meet

Live sharing has become possible now via Google Meet. The new feature allows Google users to co-stream videos from a meeting while it’s occurring. Live sharing was introduced to Duo earlier this year, and with the merging of it and Meet, Google Meet has received the feature as well.

Running the Live sharing feature on Google Meet requires certain prerequisites. Users need an android device, a personal Google Account to access YouTube and Google Meet, plus permission from the administrator of the live room they want to invite others into.

Check out this video with instructions on how to watch YouTube videos in Google Meet:

Tap on the screen to reveal call controls after joining a meeting.

Click on the three-dot menu at the bottom of your dashboard and choose Activities.

The YouTube button is located in the Activities section of the settings tab.

Watch videos on the highest quality stream, with no buffering or downtime.

Before you post a YouTube video, make sure that it’s appropriate for live sharing. If there is paid content, or if the video contains sensitive or NSFW content, then it will not be able to be posted during live streaming.

You can also tap on the video you like to watch, which will add it to your “watch list.”

Click the Start button when it pops up.

When a YouTube live event like a webinar or conference is taking place, be sure to keep an eye on the bottom of the screen. A green bar with text “You are live” will indicate that everyone attending not only has the opportunity to watch the content, but also in real time share it as well. When the event starts playing, you’ll have easy access to pause and rewind for all participants.

It is important to know that while watching a video in the YouTube app, users may miss notifications or in-meeting messages. As such, it is advised to periodically check the Meet app for missed messages.

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