Google prevents Android VPN apps from blocking ads

Google will no longer block Android VPN apps from blocking ads

Details about Play (Store) rules for Google’s Android VPN apps

Google has confirmed that it will soon start blocking VPN apps available on its Android Play Store marketplace from stopping or interfering with advertising.

Starting November 1, applications which use VPNService to establish a virtual private network will be granted the ability to establish secure device-level tunnels to remote servers.

In order to use a VPN app, you need to make sure that it doesn’t collect personal data without users’ consent, and that it doesn’t redirect traffic or manipulate ads in a way that can impact other things.

Is Android VPN user data still protected by law?

Google has revealed that they will be limiting VPNs on the Play Store. They are not removing them entirely. Android VPN is available here…

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Google will be making changes to their Play Store with the intention of imposing restrictions on VPN apps available for download.

A new EU law may be detrimental to a Sweden based app, which was previously taken down by the European Union. However, the creator of the app is expressing reservations as well.

The new Blokada v6 blocks ads in an efficient, Google-compliant manner. It should also have fewer implications for battery life, network speed and device speeds, among other things.

DuckDuckGo does not feel impacted by the policy and will continue to review it.

Android VPN apps are not allowed – but are iOS VPN apps allowed?

If you’re moving to iOS, you should know that Google has not only tightened restrictions on applications that offer VPN services, but also Apple.

Apple’s policy requires VPN apps to use their NEVPNManager API, and to also be affiliated with a company.

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