Google Maps is adding a new wildfire layer, along with other updates.

Did you know that now, if you’re on Google Maps, you can get an alert in real-time if there’s a nearby forest fire? Here’s some more info.

Today, Google Maps introduced a new wildfire layer to help users stay safe as they navigate. The new layer updates in real-time, so you can be sure you’re on top of the latest information when it comes to wildfires.

With the new Google Maps feature, users will be able to find quick links to emergency services in case of wildfires or other emergencies. They can also search for details on containment, acres burned and reports of a fire. These include information related to emergency websites and phone numbers, which are critical when you need help in an emergency.

What will your house look like in the future? This one just might spell out exactly what’s coming. The new wildfire layer that has just been announced will feature this real-time information. It will roll out globally on October 12th with more updates early next month, down to the individual fire level.

Newsfeeds are the best way to stay on top of breaking news. If you’re in the US, you’ll also be able to view a roundup of information from the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC). The updated details will roll out to more countries in the future, including Australia.

Google is launching an app called Address Maker to help individuals and small businesses create unique addresses right from their mobile devices.

Google has developed a new app that allows organizations to have addresses for villages and towns created in just weeks instead of the usual years. The app is designed to work seamlessly with Google Maps and Map APIs, which will make it simpler for organizations to access valuable mapping information.

Big changes are coming. Oftentimes, these changes are difficult to predict, especially when they involve the environment or weather. However, one company is doing its part to reduce the effects of these potential changes: Tree Canopy Incorporated. They’re expanding from 15 US cities to over 100 new cities across the world with their new insights tool that uses aerial imagery and advanced AI capabilities.

The geographical distribution of tree canopies varies with the seasons, according to TreeCanopy. The impact these cool places have is well known – they reduce air pollution, protect against heat stress during summertime and control extreme weather events like droughts. Google says that “with Tree Canopy data local governments have free access to insights about where to plant trees to mitigate these adverse effects.”

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