Google invites startups to apply for the circular economy accelerator

Google invites startups to apply for the circular economy accelerator

Google is launching a startup accelerator with an emphasis on the circular economy. Google hopes that startups in the program will learn how to use their cloud products, while benefiting from the experience of mentors and other more experienced founders.

The circular economy represents a major change in how humanity produces and uses products. It offers a new paradigm where used or recycled items are intentionally reused, repaired, and recycled over and over again. Circular Economy has grown in popularity as people have learned about the waste problem with “traditional” production methods.

Google’s Mike Werner wrote in his blog that the planet can’t keep up with the rate at which we consume natural resources. “We need to rebuild our relationship with physical resources and how we make, process, use and recycle them.” He mentions fashion and food as industries that people might want to look into.

Applications for the accelerator opened today and will close November 14. The program targets startups in Asia-Pacific and North America, offering mentorship through 1-1 and 1-many learning sessions. It starts on February 2023.

Google’s venture arm, GV, doesn’t take equity from start-ups, like the climate program, nor does it provide them with capital.

Google has made many sustainability and climate-focused efforts, but there are several other problems with the company. For example, Google indirectly finances fossil fuel development via its banking practices. It also requires water to cool computer servers, raising concerns in communities where water is scarce. Moreover, Google is involved with the smartphone industry which has a disastrous track record of its own.

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