Google has now added SMS features to every new Android phone.

Today marks the 30th birthday of SMS texting. To celebrate, Google announced its Messages app will soon support end-to-end encryption for group chats in the coming weeks, making them safer to use. This feature has been available for individual conversations for a few years.
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However, end-to-end encryption is only available to group chat users who are enrolled in the beta program. If you’re interested in checking it out yourself, check this link for more info on Google Message’s beta version.

In addition to end-to-end encryption, Google also plans to add emoji reactions for RCS (Rich Communication Services) in its Messages app.

Apple has been slow to adopt new forms of communication, including RCS. Google poked fun at this in their most recent release by saying “All major mobile carrier and makers have adopted RCS – except Apple.” This means that Apple’s texting is still stuck in the 1990s.

The Mountain View-based search engine company launched the #GetTheMessage campaign several months ago. It called on Apple to adopt RCS, but the company has been very stubborn and intent on its position. For example, Tim Cook stated that he would rather convert Android users to iPhones than adopt RCS.

“Just buy your mother an iPhone,” he said.

It’s not clear yet whether this “green vs. blue bubble” thing will work out and how long it might take Apple to adopt RCS.

Google’s end-to-end encryption will not be available for public use until the beta version has been tested for some time; this means it will be a little while before it is made available to everyone. It is likely that their emoji reactions function will also be added, alongside emoji.

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