The US Army is now a Google Workspace customer

After partnering with Google, the Army will now be using a collaboration tool called Workspace. It features “visual data discovery” which means that users can see what documents they’re working on in real-time. There’s no limit to how long a document stays live for either.

Google Cloud was granted Impact Level 4 authorization from the U.S. Department of Defense in July, which allows it to handle controlled unclassified information, like that pertaining to defense and intelligence.

The collaboration comes from the company’s new division, Google Public Sector. We believe that by providing cloud-based services to local and federal public institutions in the US, we can save time and money for our customers.

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People in the public sector can use Google’s new workplace software, which allows them to work from any device with an internet connection.

Larger organizations in the military are developing ways to use technology such as Google Public Sector, because of its capability to work alongside people remotely and its ease of use.

Google is giving a special deal to the Army in order to help them more easily transition from their old technology to the new.

The United States Army has established a robust cloud computing initiative with Google. Their confidence may come from the fact that Google Workspace’s zero trust policy is considered to be the gold standard in cloud security.

To ensure the identity of a user, we need to authenticate them before they are granted access. In simple terms, any user, regardless of their location, needs to be authenticated before they’re given access.

We use 2FA for all of our customer onboarding processes, so you can rest assured that your company data is safe with us.

When financial institutions create a cloud offering, it can influence the way other verticals use cloud computing. Google’s marketing that makes the company’s cloud offerings look appealing to public sectors around the world is just another example of this phenomenon.

The UK Government signed a deal with Google to deliver cloud computing services to public sector governmental organizations like the NHS. In New York, the state announced that they had partnered with Google to bring the benefits of cloud computing to an air quality monitoring initiative.

It is safe to say that cloud computing has a lot of benefits for today’s businesses. However, it can be difficult for small businesses to keep up with Google’s zero trust policy and what it means for their customers.

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