Moving from free G Suite to Workspace? You got more time without paying

Google has decided to allow customers migrating from the free G Suite plan to Google Workspace an extra month before they have to start paying. The document also tells users that there will be a waiting list for alternatives of those who don’t want to pay, with more information coming “in the coming weeks.”

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Legacy G Suite accounts will no longer be supported (Image: Emerson Alecrim/Tecnoblog)

Legacy G Suite accounts are ending in 2020, and customers will need to migrate their accounts to Google Workspace before then.

The change to Google’s business continuity policy brings new dates to the schedule, which was previously revealed in January. The new update will only affect legacy G Suite users. In an even bigger change that many people will enjoy, the dates of the change have been pushed back to July 1. This is a relief for those who were worried they would lose access to their data on (May 1).

Google updated their support document to inform users that they have until June 1st to choose a plan. In July, the company originally set an end date for the process.

If Google is unable to bill your credit card and you receive a least one suspension for an account within the last year, your account will be closed after the July 31st deadline in addition to any suspensions that happen before that.

Google will open a waiting list for anyone who wants to keep their account free, outside of Workspace. If you are currently a domain admin and want 10GB of storage, the option to sign up for the relationship will appear on your domain panel “in the coming weeks”. June 1st is your cutoff date if you want to avoid any extra charge.

As an alternative, the service is available to those who cannot afford a subscription or do not want to keep it. It removes some legacy G Suite features, like using your own domain, but the user can maintain access to Google services and use content purchased from the Play Store.

Not all Google modalities will be impacted by the change. Free Google Workspace for Education accounts or Google Workspace for Nonprofits accounts will not be affected by the termination of legacy plans.

Google Workspace is a program with monthly fees that ranges from R$24.30 to R$119.60 in the Brazil. Price depends on how many users you want to connect through your workspace. (Image: Disclosure/Google)

Google Workspace in Brazil begins at $24.30 a month (Image: Disclosure/Google)

Google Workspace starts at R$24.30 per month

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