More images of Gmail for Android redesign leak, more simplistic interface shown

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Over the past couple of months, rumors of major changes to Gmail on Android have been circulating. leaked screenshots of a redesigned interface that was very colorful compared to the current app. We reported on some new features coming to the app, as well, including a snooze functionality. Now, Google+ user Yoel Kaseb has posted some images of what he claims is a redesigned Gmail app for Android. Kaseb also leaked images of a Google+ update that ended up being almost entirely true.

The images posted on Google+ are much more simplistic than the ones leaked by Geek last month, but they do follow the parameters set by Google’s recent app interface updates. The compose button is now a round “+” and located in the lower right corner, the action bar has been streamlined, and there is a button at the top of the inbox that would presumably let you switch between accounts and inboxes. Many of the icons and buttons are eerily similar to the ones in the recent Google+ update.

It’s hard to know whether to believe or Kaseb on this leak. One thing that raises doubts about Kaseb’s leak is that the images aren’t actual screenshots of the interface. But of course, he accurately leaked the Google+ update last month. It’s also unclear whether the reported snooze and pin functionalities are present in his leaks. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t have to wait too long to find out if they are legitimate. We expect Google unveil this, and much more at Google I/O next month.

(via Android Police)

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