Insuring Against Email Outages – 10 Things You Can Do Now

To wait for your email to work normally again might just be deafening. So, here are 10 things you can do now to insulate yourself from the prospect of email downtime during one of the most critical moments in the history of its public use: September 30th, 2018. And back it up!

Google, Amazon and other cloud providers, who collectively store more than 95% of the world’s data in second, protect themselves by sending their user’s email to alternate sources when they lose connectivity to the master server. In exchange for that level of protection most users give up a certain level of security in the chance they will never receive an email again. At least here on this very internet we can say things as simple as “I lost my access to Google’s server

What happens if all my email disappears?

So, what will you do if you suddenly lose access to your email for some unknown reason? Many people shut down the email account and keep it closed. They know about the risks of staying connected all the time which include things like ransomware that can destroy proprietary information important to a business. The option might still be available though- something called an “out of office reply” that allows someone to register as temporarily unavailable while they take care of a major issue in their life. What’s an out of office reply?. If you are unable to provide information by online or phone contact, a particular message can be emailed to another person in your organization who will then forward that email to your replacement information provider (such as a secretary or assistant). You can choose to send this email from most connected devices and have it come through as a regular standard mail message. Your replacement will see the same initial header information (name, title and department) but with your real contact details

Guarding Against Email Outages

Over the past few years, email has become one of the most pervasive ways for people to communicate. With so much reliance coming from this one source, it is a widely used tool for interoffice communication and contract coordination. Unfortunately, with 24x7x365 connectivity, email based technology can be an unreliable form of communication. Notifications that should be sent out during office hours, delivery emails received during business hours and other technical setting failures can cause a gaping hole in your work flow. Action Plan Is Required. Missing a deadline or losing important paperwork is not tolerated in the modern world. This can cost you or your company some major monies at work because of missed sales and lost customers who will be hesitant to return. Preventive measures such as email backup, or even better, a smarter alternatives that lets you have control over what forms of communication within your companies are allowed to be sent and received are essential ways to keep business running smoothly. Maintenance Strategies Are Must Have. Coolidge offers

Organization of Covers and PPO Plans

Insurance is rarely straightforward. The month of May alone has seen four different email outage policies from three of the top email providers. This means that in one month, companies could be without email for almost a week or more at a time. These outages are costing the workforce productivity and natural disaster recovery methodologies across the country. How can businesses protect themselves against disruption? One way is using email recovery procedures and methods. Here are some tips to help get your company prepared if an employee is accused of sending emails without technical connectivity in place.

Retraining Support Services: Document Compliance for Users that Don’t Disclose Technology Capabilities Where possible, make clear what technical capabilities are required for each email action within your business to increase employee productivity. This stops problems at the beginning before they turn into problems on a legal level with employees being reinstated. Screen


While moving a business to a cloud-based service, the first step is to determine the insurance policy for such a transition. Cloud email services can be more convenient, profitable and less risky, but it does not protect against service incompatibility or crippling disruptions that could render your messaging system unusable. Therefore, establishing your company’s policy before transitioning would reduce potential litigation risk down the road .

Acquiring adequate coverage is necessary to cover any liability that is involved with cloud services. In addition, should your system malfunction or suffer an interruption due to a failure of the provider’s or service’s systems or server processes, you will be insured for up to $1 million daily.

If there are additional risks associated with your email workflow, such as data security concerns and contingency planning for outage alerts, continuing to use your existing email software may be more prudent. However many large

Contents for Coverage as a Business Owner

A tornado hits your building damaging vital server room, but sending emails. What if you had a backup? That’s what we did. Email is an essential part of any business and not being able to send or receive anything can be a nightmare for your company. Knowing the benefits of having third party insurance to pay for damages if the worst case scenario happens is the best idea below. Here are 10 tips that will help when dealing with insurance:

How to Make Sure Your Policy is Current

One of the rules is to keep your policy current. It’s important because, without a current policy, there’s no grace period on deductibles. Also, make sure you have adequate coverage for what it is that you are using your electronic device for.


It’s been a number of months since the email problem began. However, after some constructive dialogue with Google and Microsoft and officials at IOCA and EDVA(no unusual delay concerning an update), I’m pleased to let you know that the PSL is now available again.

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