How To Get Unlimited Google Drive Storage

Google Drive is one of the most powerful and space-efficient cloud storage services available but only if you have the right plan. Find out how to qualify for unlimited space here! Or not so fond of having a file in your Dropbox put on other peoples computers? Use folders! Or some sub-folder method. Here’s how to do it. If you have OSX, read this article to learn how to book mark files instead of using “Open as…”

A friend of mine has a passcode lock on his own email account but never creates passwords for new accounts he gives out and nor does anyone need to make one for them either. I don ‘t think it’s a bad idea for them to be sending passwords given out by someone that we’re going to trust enought to see and potentially share sensitive emails. If your friend is doing this, you’ll have your own password protection in place if you use the same method of course . And if it’s a new account, keep in mind those obviously aren’t trustworthy either!Do you hate password sharing? Find out how to lock down webmail without giving someone else access and …)

What does it take to get unlimited storage on Google Drive

To get unlimited storage on Google Drive, you have to have a Google PUC certificate. It requires going through one of twelve Master in IT programs at accredited universities and colleges. After having a certificate, students will then have to contact someone over at Google that is technically trained that can help them with the certification. 2. Offering up storage for the month instead of a year.

Cost for 180 days – $50 annual fee is about 40% less than if you would keep it one year, but still good enough to get 1TB in 30 months. The rate as low as $0.029/GB annually (0.9 cents per gigabyte) — signup @ 0.29-per-GB annual charge or 0.718 cents per gigabyte monthly on average and according to our research you will be billed $85 a month 12 months after you sign up. Valid till Oct 31st, 2017.3. G Suite Premier Plan (Online Document Management) – $6 to $24 per user per month – Go in for 3 or 6 People/Mo heh heh … just kidding it costs less than 1 cent over 1 year and provides all kinds of facilities to avail them of Google Drive storage for Docs, Sheets, Slides … that can be

Benefits of Filtering for File Storage and Sharing

There are many benefits to filtering for file storage and sharing, but one of the most essential is the ability to export a filtered copy of your Google Drive. Doing this will allow you to create a more manageable and safe environment for your documents. You can manage the priority/location of files easier and may find it easier to share to people or groups that you want to manage over Google Drive. In addition, administrators can specify rights for users and control their access based on groups created in Drive so that a single person’s access cannot completely ruin your organization.

Setting Up Filtering for Google Apps Accounts with Access. If you have an environment that has multiple shared drives, or you only have one accessible drive, setting up filtering is

Best practices for streaming content from cloud storage repositories

For making maximum use of cloud storage, you need to be strategic about how you store your content. For example, if you save an image in Google Drive, save the original copy on a hard drive before deleting it from the cloud. Mozilla suggests saving other big files such as MP3s or videos by uploading them directly to your cloud storage folder and then browsing them on devices with lower capabilities or offline storage. Tumblr suggests to make use of more than one online storage account, especially if you have slowly produced content but needs that you also access it on a desktop.


For someone who works with a lot of number crunching like I do, having an unlimited amount of storage online is not just helpful but almost imperative. I found out about Google’s unlimited storage option when trying to juggle all my files and photos from previous life moves. With unlimited storage, what could go wrong? I could see everything I had saved, and photograph, edit, etc. as needed. But even better was the texting capabilities of photo/video files to friends or family. It was a miracle in itself that came with no monthly fee! I have already recommended Google’s unlimited storage concept to several people. If you choose Google Drive for your online storage needs, it will be with me for the foreseeable future. Thanks for all your great products and updates(really appreciate those too!). Let us know i

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