How to add kanban boards to your Google Workspace with the help of Kanbanchi

Thanks to Kanbanchi, adding visual boards to your Google Workspace account is a breeze. No matter what type of project you are working on, it can now be enhanced with visual boards like kanban, burndown charts and more.

Kanban is my favorite project management tool because it’s so easy to manage projects. With a quick glance, you can see exactly where every piece of the puzzle is and what tasks are in progress or done.

When Google announced their office collaboration tools, I knew it was fate. I’ve depended on those productivity tools daily since day one, and now all my documents are synced across all of my devices, so everything is at my fingertips.

Kanbanchi is easy to use and includes a professionally-written guide. It’s free while in beta, so give it a try!

With this Hiring kit, you’ll learn about:

Kanbanchi makes it easy to organize your workload with features like unlimited kanban boards, cards and sub-cards, templates, search and filter, activity feed, email and in-app notifications, Google Calendar integration, Drive and Sheets attachments.

Let’s show you how to start using kanban boards in Google Workspace.

What you’ll need to do is share your email with Affilimate to get started. You’ll also provide us with a sample of your business.

To start using kanban in Google Workspaces, you’ll need a valid account and a web browser. That’s it! Let’s get started.

Get started with Kanbanchi free! Trial plans are offered, and if you’re unsatisfied, you can choose to purchase a paid plan. The paid plans look like this:

Starter is a simple, yet powerful tool. It’s available at an affordable rate and can be used with unlimited kanban boards, cards, and sub-categories.

Professionals get the same benefits available to Starter plan users for just $19.97 a month! We’ve also included Gantt charts, which is on top of everything else.

If you’re looking for a team management solution that offers all the features and value our customers want, then we recommend taking a look at Enterprise. Our multi-level admin system allows you to transform your team from just a group of people into a high performing digital workforce.

To view all the features associated with each plan you can check out the Kanbanchi pricing matrix.

If you’re not sure how to log in, here’s what you need to do.

Open Google Drive, and make sure you’re logged into your account. To actually access Kanbanchi, you must first install the add-on on the Google Workspaces Marketplace. To do that, go to your profile icon and scroll to the bottom where you’ll see More From Google Workspace Marketplace (Figure A).

On the other hand, it’s a good idea to take a moment to consider all of your call-to-action options.

This sentence doesn’t make any sense. What does it mean?

As you can see, I already have Kanban Board installed.

If you’d like to bring Kanbanchi into your work space, click More from the Google Workspace Marketplace, and then, search for Kanbanchi. Locate the card, and then click Install. The pre-integrated integration will integrate the card with your Google Workspaces Apps menu. When you scroll down to reach the bottom of that menu now, you’ll be able to see Kanbanchi listed under “Apps.”

In order to start using Kanbanchi Curator, you first need to download the software onto your computer.

Install the service and sign in with your Google account to start automating your Google docs (Figure B).

Figure C

Join Kanbanchi with your Google account!

Signing into Kanbanchi with your Google account.

Setting up a Kanban board is easy with this tool. When you first run it, you’ll be prompted to choose which Google account to use and set permissions for the application. Once those two items are done, you’ll be redirected back to the program where you can begin creating your own (Figure C).

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The Kanbanchi account has been created.

Your Kanbanchi account is ready to go. Just sign in and start creating your own HTML5 sites.

When you log into the system, you’ll be taken to your default dashboard where clicking on the “demo” button will give you a walkthrough of how to get started. After that, it’s up to you! You can even add boards, customize columns and more.

The figure D.

The default Kanban dashboard is as elegant as it is simple to use.

However you like to work, Kanbanchi has a simple and elegant dashboard that works for you.

Now that you’re familiar with Kanbanchi and its features, I would recommend giving the free trial a go. I believe you’ll find Kanbanchi an outstanding kanban service that can match up to the best of them.

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