Google Workspace Individual account storage increased from 15GB to 1TB

More storage will be offered to individual Google Workspace accounts starting soon. Read on for more information about their new personalization feature, which is slated to release at the same time.

Google is making changes to the Google Workspace Individual plan, such as increasing the storage limit from 15GB to 1TB. These changes are meant for owners of small businesses and entrepreneurs who need a single Google account to manage daily work needs. The option for such single workspace accounts was introduced last year by Google.

The blog post doesn’t mention what or when this new storage limit will be implemented, but it does say that the user doesn’t need to do anything extra to get it. It also mentions that “business owners will be able to store over 100 file types in Drive, including PDFs, CAD files and images.” With this new upgrade, “owners can also collaborate on and edit Microsoft Office files without converting them.”

Gmail now allows senders to email multiple recipients in one message with no compromising on privacy. If you’re the type who wants your emails to be more personal, this new feature should make that happen. Just add email merge tags and your message will automatically be sent to all of the people you’ve selected without doing any extra work.

Some ways to use Google Docs more effectively would be to cut and paste the text into your Word doc, right-click on the text that was copied, then select “Paste Special” from the menu. From there, you can select which options you want and paste it in.

Workspace Individual allows you to send email at a personal level by letting you add tags like “@firstname” to your multi-send emails. These emails also include an unsubscribe link so recipients can opt-out of future messages.

Google is also expanding regional availability to bring Google Workspace Individual to more business owners around the world. It will now be available in Phillipines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, the Netherlands, Portugal and Argentina. These countries join the likes of the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and six countries across Europe where GWSi has already been rolled out.

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