Google One to Workspace: A look at options to increase your Google account storage

Google has expanded the storage for Individual subscribers to 1TB. This is huge, considering that the original plan only offered 15GB. Unfortunately, this plan isn’t available in India, so it’s time to explore some alternatives from Google.

Google recently increased the storage limit for Workspace Individual plans to 1TB. Unlike other Plans, this subscription is designed for individuals looking to use it on a store’s site like a physical storefront or garage door business. While there are several more countries that can now get involved with Workspace Individual, including India, users trying to reach higher capacity storage limits in other plans have limited options. Still, Google offers plenty of other plans that allow you to branch out into a way-bigger space.

Loop is a new service that lets you organize all the places your data can be found on the internet so that you can stay connected with it and make informed decisions, whether on- or offline.

With Google One, you’ll get a ton of extra features at no extra charge. Right now, Google One is available for just Rs. 130, and it offers 100GB of storage. With Google One, you can share your storage with up to five family members and access everyday perks like Google experts for life-saving tech support and editing features in Google Photos. Don’t miss out on the opportunity – contact us today!

Expand your storage on Google with the perfect Google ‘Single’ plan, called the G-1

Signing up for a subscription is simple:

All it takes to start using Google One is heading over to their website. From there, you can choose which plan will best suit your needs.

Tapping on one of the given payment options will fire up a dialog box where you can choose your preferred method. Unfortunately, UPI options are not available right now, so we only have bank cards and PayTM Wallet.

Once you’ve paid for the added storage, you will have access to unlimited Google storage capacity in all of your apps that need it, such as Gmail, Drive, and Docs.

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