Google Forms Gets Handy Templates, New Tracking Tools

Google Forms is getting a major boost.

The Web giant today unveiled a slew of updates for its Forms tool, which lets you quickly create surveys or tests to gather information from a group. Now, when you go to create a new form, you’ll see a variety of templates to choose from, from event registration and customer feedback forms to job applications, quizzes, order forms, and more.

Plus, Google added a new “Individual Responses” tab, which lets you browse through all the answers a certain person provided and should save you some time when analyzing Forms. You can also now print or delete individual responses from this screen.

Another handy feature launching today: the option to receive real-time email notifications when someone responds to your form. You can also now use add-ons and edit scripts such as Form Publisher, Choice Eliminator, and g(Math) for Forms in the new Forms editor, further extending your form-creation capabilities.

Finally, Google is making it easier for its Apps for Work customers to track responses to their forms. If you’re a Google Apps for Work or Education user, you’ll now see a quick overview of who has responded to your form and who you’re still waiting on in the summary of responses. This way, you can use the “send reminder email” feature to give any slackers a kick in the butt.

These new features come after Google in September revamped its Forms user interface and added some new functionality, like the ability to include your company logo on a form. This article originally appeared on

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