Google Calendar issue prevents embedded calendars from being shown, fix coming

Google Calendar is used by millions of people to manage their lives, organize events for work, and more. This week, though, a strange issue has prevented public Google Calendar embeds from working properly, but Google is aware and working to fix it.

Reports from twitter and on google support forums reveal this issue which affects public calendars hosted on the service. Often, businesses will use these calendars on internal websites as an embed to help manage things like work schedules, vacations, and more.

For the past couple of days, many users have noticed that these embeds aren’t showing properly. This doesn’t seem to be affecting everyone, only certain devices. Some users explain that they were able to see the embed on a smartphone without being able to see it on a desktop computer.

It’s largely unclear what the issue here is, but Google has already acknowledged the problem with Calendar embeds. At the time of writing, too, many users have already reported that things are patched up on their end. The fix seems to be rolling out, but might not be available to everyone just yet. If you’re still being affected, just be patient. Most likely, the fix will have rolled out fully in a matter of a day or two.

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