Goaly is hands-on: A Chrome extension that replicates Google Calendar’s Goals.

One of the most overlooked but extremely powerful features of Google Calendar was Goals. This event type can automatically open recurring commitments like workouts or instrument practice. Unfortunately, Google has shut down this part of Calendar, but we have created a new app called Goaly that offers a comparable experience.

Though Google Calendar’s Goals feature has its benefits, it lacks many features Goaly provides. One such example is being able to see progress based on a timeline or monthly meter. Overall, Goaly is a valuable asset for anyone that struggles to find time in their schedule to pursue hobbies or call their loved ones.

Our integration with your Google Calendar will make it easier for you to stay on top of your tasks. You’ll no longer have to keep track of them manually – just sign up to start using Goaly today!

High-quality, easy-to-use interface. Create goals in seconds by clicking the big button in the bottom right.

Goaly allows you to create a goal that recurs on a weekly basis with any length you choose. Not sure what time slot is best for your goals? Goaly’s settings allow you to customize three different times Monday through Friday. Once your goal is created, Goaly will check your calendar and locate any free spots in the selected timeframe.

Though an InstaBot creates habits for you, it also gives you the opportunity to attach a “Did it” button to goals. Tapping this leverages the consequences of your action and marks off the goal in both Calendar and Goaly.

As an avid Google Calendar user, I was happy to find a goals setting that functioned like Google Calendar’s. However, there are a few things that need improvement.

Goaly has a few minor issues, but for the most part, it’s very reliable and trustworthy.

The app is great to use, but as a user I find that I sometimes run into a few hiccups. When I complete a goal and tap “Did it” on the app, it takes me to this congratulatory screen which closes in seconds. After using the app for a while, I found myself wishing there was a push notification as that would have been more preferable in my opinion.

It would be really handy if you could tap on a goal in Goaly and go straight to the day its target is scheduled. You can’t mark a goal as complete right now either, which would be helpful.

We noticed that Goaly has a few notable features missing: One of the more noticeable is the lack of integration with Material Y. This may seem like a small feature, but it’s worth noting because Goaly is heavily integrated with Google Calendar.

There are a few small issues with the app, but these are easily overlooked. The developer has promised to fix most of these in future updates.

It looks like Goaly will be successful.

In a recent chat with Goaly developer Tomer Rosenfeld, he informed us that Google Calendar wouldn’t be the only Goaly calendar app for long. While Google Calendar is undoubtedly one of the best calendar apps you can use, the team at Goaly would be missing out on connecting to other services.

They also informed me that with a future update, you’ll be able to both create and complete events with Goaly. They also mentioned that we’re adding Material design in a future update.

Goaly is a perfect replacement for the time-tracking SaaS Calendar Goals, which many people are opting to switch to.

Goaly is a sleek and intuitive tool for managing your schedule. It has some great features, but it could use a few tweaks before we can recommend it to everyone. You should try it out for yourself to see if you’ll get any use out of it!

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