Google adding prominent help button to web Gmail, Calendar, and Drive

Google Help features a wealth of support articles for every product the company offers, especially its G Suite services. Gmail, Calendar, and Drive on the web will soon gain a prominent ‘?’ button for “quick access to a range of help and support content.”

The top row of every Google web service is referred known as the Google Bar and features an app launcher and profile icon to access account settings and the switcher. Until recently, it featured a notification bell for Photos and Google+.

We create and maintain a lot of resources, which can help users be more productive in G Suite. By making these resources easier to find, we hope users will be able to find answers to questions, discover new ways to work more efficiently, and see new features and product enhancements that will expand how they can use the products

Google is now re-adding a third item to the top-right corner in the form a ‘?’ support button. Tapping opens a menu with items for Help, Training, Updates, and Send Feedback, while clicking it opens a floating window that features a search field or takes users directly to the appropriate support article.

  • Help: Which links to the relevant product Help Center.
  • Training: Which links to the relevant product Learning Center.
  • Updates: Info about recent product updates.
  • Send feedback: Lets users provide direct product feedback.

These same four options are also coming to Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides as part of the existing Help menu. Available to all G Suite editions, this Google support button is rolling out over the coming weeks.

Update 4/15: Announced on April 2nd, the help buttons in Gmail, Google Calendar, and Drive should now be fully rolled out to both personal Google and G Suite accounts . The additional options in Docs, Sheets, and Slides on the web are also widely available.

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