Google builds more third-party integrations into Workspace

With increases in virtual and remote working, the productivity suites available on Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 have seen more updates recently to keep up with our needs. With increased competition for users as more organizations move towards remote and hybrid work, these suites offer businesses a lot of opportunities as they try to increase their user base. However, there is an understanding that these are only supplements to our workflow and they cannot do everything; so Google is working hard on augmenting third-party integrations for its own service, Google Workspace. Let’s take a look at what they’ve done.

With Google’s recent Cloud Next event, the internet giant introduced new innovations to its Smart Canvas platform. One of these expansions is called “Smart Chips,” which lets integrations between apps and Google Workspace files integrate more seamlessly.

Google builds more third-party integrations into Gmail.

Google wants to ensure Workspace remains a complete offering, so they are pushing the rolling-out of this new update to help make that happen. Google also has predictions for what will happen with Microsoft 365 as opposed to Workspace.

Tech Radar is a resource for keeping up to date on the tech industry. They’ve just posted an article stating that the third-party app integration system should be live in early 2019 and that AODocs, Atassian, Asana, Figma, Miro and Tableau are some of the services that will apparently be supported.

The workspaces of Microsoft and Google are not at all alike. The integrations need to work smoothly to make both platforms compete effectively with one another. Both companies see themselves as the giant in their industry that cannot be phased, which is interesting. The battle continues on for who will be the leader in the productivity suite industry.

In other Google News, Google Docs is now integrated with Google Maps, which allows users to easily flag locations in their documents.
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