Google Inbox for Gmail Now Open to Everyone

Until now, if you wanted to try out Google’s Inbox by Gmail app but couldn’t score an invitation you were out of luck. That’s about to change.

Google on Thursday announced it has opened Inbox to everyone. The app, which launched in October to bring some more organization to your Gmail inbox, is now available for download on iOS and Android without an invitation.

Google also rolled out a major update for the app, adding a number of user-requested features, including trip bundles and the ability to undo a message you just sent.

With trip bundles, all of your emails about a trip will now be automatically grouped together and the most important details, like flight times and hotel reservation numbers, will be available as soon as you open Inbox, Google said. In addition, for the first time on your phone, you can now take back an email right after sending it, just in case you’re having second thoughts or realize you made a mistake.

Besides that, Inbox is also getting a few other time-saving features. When you create a reminder using the Google Keep app, for instance, it will now automatically appear in Inbox as well. And when someone emails you a to-do, Inbox may suggest adding it as a reminder so you don’t forget.

In addition, the app is also now integrated with HotelTonight and Eat 24, so you can track your order or view booking information right from Inbox.

The news was announced as part of Google I/O; see what else you missed in the video below, and check out PCMag’s full review of Inbox for Gmail.

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