Google Adds ‘Search Chips’ to Gmail

Google is updating the way searches are performed in Gmail to make it a faster and more intuitive process.

We’re all used to entering a search term in the bar across the top of Gmail, but refining the results can be a little tedious. To make searching easier, Google is introducing a new set of filters it is referring to as “search chips.”

Search chips are clickable filters which appear underneath the search box when a search is performed. For example, if you type someone’s name, Gmail will present a list of emails associated with that name. However, the search chips can help refine the search with a tap. For example, you could click a chip that excludes chats, excludes calendar updates, or removes any emails that don’t have an attachment.

Some search chips even present their own options as a dropdown list, for example, the search chip “Any time” can be used to refine the time period to search while only introducing a few extra taps or clicks to the process.

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