Gmail’s latest machine learning feature is ‘Smart Compose’ to autocomplete messages

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Following a big revamp to Gmail last month, Google is adding a new machine learning feature this month. Smart Compose is similar to Smart Reply, but takes it a step further by allowing users to autocomplete the body of an email.

From your greeting to your closing (and common phrases in between), Smart Compose suggests complete sentences in your emails so that you can draft them with ease. Because it operates in the background, you can write an email like you normally would, and Smart Compose will offer suggestions as you type. When you see a suggestion that you like, click the “tab” button to use it.

The focus is on cutting down repetitive typing by allowing users to just press “tab” to type out when the suggestion is accurate. It also reduces the chance of spelling and grammatical errors, with phrase suggestions aiming to be as contextually relevant as possible.

Smart Compose will appear in the new Gmail for consumers over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, it will be made available for G Suite customers in the coming months. Going to the general tab in your settings reveals a new “experimental access” section.

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