Gmail for iOS Gets AI-Powered Alerts for Important Emails

Good news for those of you who use the Gmail app on your iOS device. A new feature can help ensure you see important emails in a timely manner without receiving tons of notifications you don’t care about.

Introduced Thursday, the artificial intelligence-powered feature notifies you about “high-priority” emails only. At this point, it’s only available on iOS, but Google plans to expand it to Android soon.

“Notifications are only useful if you have time to read them—and if you’re being notified hundreds of times a day, chances are, you don’t,” Google wrote in a blog post. These new notifications “leverage Gmail’s machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to identify messages you may want to read first.”

To enable this new feature, just open the Gmail app on your iPhone or iPad, tap the Menu button in the top-left corner, tap settings, and select your account. From there, tap Notifications and select “High-priority only.” Doing so will limit your notifications to just emails automatically marked as “important.”

“We hope this feature makes your Gmail notifications relevant—not just noise,” Google wrote.

The app also lets you receive notifications for all new mail or just the messages in your Primary label. You can also completely disable notifications, if you so choose.

Also on the Gmail front, Google recently announced that the platform’s big redesign will arrive for everyone next month. At this point the new Gmail, which Google first unveiled in April, is an Early Adopter Program.

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