Gmail for Android, iOS add convenient ‘Storage used’ indicator

On the web, Gmail has long noted how much storage you’re using at the bottom of the page. A “Storage used” indicator is now on Gmail for Android and iOS to save you from needing to open another app or website for space management.

On the Gmail mobile apps, Google added a “Storage used” indicator in the account switcher that opens after tapping your profile avatar. It appears underneath “Manage your Google Account” — which was the previous method for quickly checking storage — and just above the list of other signed-in addresses.

It features a cloud with the four Google colors at the left, the percentage of storage you’re using, and how much you’ve subscribed to. Tapping takes you to a “Manage your storage Google One” page that notes your current plan and provides a usage breakdown by Google Photos, Gmail, Drive, and “Other,” like the Pixel’s Recorder app if cloud backups are enabled.There are also shortcuts to buy additional storage or “clean up” existing space that opens the Google One app to the Storage manager tool.

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Gmail for Android, iOS add convenient ‘Storage used’ indicator 3

Some may find that they are tapping it on accident given the muscle memory of this space previously occupying an account. One alternative would be to just swipe down on the profile switcher for fast switching, though that’s tedious if you have more than two accounts. Meanwhile, it’s possible that Storage used will come to account menus in other apps. It would certainly make sense in Google Docs/Sheets/Slides, while Google Photos already offers a similar progress bar and Drive has one but in the navigation drawer.

As of today, Gmail’s storage counter is more widely rolled out on Android and iOS.

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Gmail for Android, iOS add convenient ‘Storage used’ indicator 4

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