Gmail Blocked in China; New Microsoft Browser; Stealing Fingerprints

Topping tech headlines on Monday were reports that Gmail is blocked in China.

Activity on Google’s free email service dropped off significantly in the region over the weekend; a Google spokesperson said that nothing was wrong on their end. The shutdown was first reported by, an organization that monitors online censorship in China, and it appears the blockade has also extended to Google Search. On Tuesday, however, the FT reported that Gmail access appeared to be returning in China.

In other news, Microsoft is reportedly working on a brand new browser for Windows 10 with an experience similar to Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome. Forget Internet Explorer 12; this will be something entirely new, according to ZDNet, which first reported the news. Expect more details at Redmond’s Jan. 21 press event.

Meanwhile, the Chaos Computer Club presented at the Chaos Communication Congress (31C3) this weekend, during which Jan Krissler (known online as Starbug) outlined how he reproduced the fingerprint of Ursula von der Leyen, Germany’s Federal Minister of Defense. Basically, Krissler photographed the minister during a public presentation, and was able to get high-quality snaps of her fingers as she gesticulated during her talk.

Check out other stories that made the rounds yesterday in the links below.

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