5 Ways Google Collaboration Apps Can Improve Your Workday

Google is making changes that may affect their current products. These changes will take place over the next two years. Andy Wolber, who is a writer for Google Workspace, gives information on these updates to the people who use their services.

Tools for video conversations and messages for friends and colleagues are all conveniently located in the Google communication system.

Google’s various messaging solutions will be streamlined in the future, making downloading fewer separate apps easier and simplifying management for admins.

The five things you need to know about Gmail access

With Gmail, you can now access all your messages with ease on your phone. You no longer need to go to separate messaging apps. It offers chat, meetings, and video conferencing, as well as being easy to install and monitor thanks to a single app.

If the Chat or Meet tab is not visible on iOS, you can schedule a date by signing into Gmail, then selecting Settings to adjust the slider that appears in between Apps in Gmail and your selected tab.

In Gmail on Android, select the three horizontal lines in the upper left. Next to Chat, check both boxes for Show Chat and Show Spaces tabs. When selecting the Meet tab, select “Video Call”.

How do I switch from Hangouts to Workspace?

5 things you need to know about Google apps for messaging.

Gmail is now an all-in-one messaging, calling and video conferencing app. Previously, Google Hangouts was also an all-in-one messaging, calling and video conferencing app. Starting on November 1st, 2022 you will only be able to access Gmail for messages and calls, whilst the Hangouts service will no longer be available.

Google Duo focused more on video and audio and is being replaced with Google Meet. Unlike the complicated hangouts, Google meet will focus on group calls.

What are the differences between Meet, Duo and Hangouts for business?

The current Google Duo app will merge with Meet, enabling it to support video chat and screen-sharing, making it a more versatile communication tool.

If you already use the Google Meet app, it will be called “Meet (original)” during the transition and display green. However, you may want to update to the modern App for Duo which will be renamed to “Google Meet.”

Will Google Chat and Google Meet be consolidated into a single messaging app?

You can install Google Chat and Google Meet on your mobile device as individual apps if you choose to not use the Workspace app on your phone. This way, those who like to access Gmail in other email apps, such as the iPhone’s native Mail app for instance, could use these features on the separate chat and meeting apps.

What is changing in the Google messaging apps now?

Google Currents is an app that’s used internally and helps those who use Google Workspace. It’s free, accessible online on both Android and Apple operating systems, and it shows you content. In February of this year, Google announced plans to migrate everything from Google Currents over to their new product Google Spaces in 2023.

What is your experience with Google Workspace messaging apps?

The simplest way to have people use Google Workspace is if they simply download the Gmail app and connect access to Chat and Meet.

Do you prefer an all-in-one app like Gmail, Chat and Meet, or do you want to download each app separately? If you’re an administrator, is it easier on-boarding new employees because they only need to download the Gmail app? Let me know your thoughts on these changes.

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