Zoom is revolutionizing the workspace with new features that rival Google’s.

With our all-in-one subscription, you’ll get the world-class features that you need to be successful.

Zoomtopia kicked off its debut conference at Fox Theater in Los Angeles by announcing new features designed to take on big boys.

In October, Zoom will release new apps with no limits to includes a calendar and schedule, so that business owners can stay engaged with their employees, clients, vendors and prospects on all devices 24/7.

With other features being announced, Zoom Meetings will become Zoom Spots, which is a virtual coworking environment for remote colleagues to connect. Additional improvements include updates that make it easier to translate Team Chats and participants will be given the ability to invite an audience of attendees before their meeting begins.

Zoom Mail is a service that allows you to quickly share emails, schedule meetings, and reply to your subscribers with a single click.

Zoom’s blog posts features more information about their upcoming email clients. In their latest post, they describe how their clients will allow users to access their email accounts from third-party services directly on the Zoom desktop app.

Zoom has a new feature called Connect Meeting Rooms that was designed to reduce the hours spent “toggling between applications,” according to recent Harvard Business Review study. The design means employees can easily join meetings in their existing calendar from the Zoom sidebar, streamlining how work is done.

Zoom Mail and Calendar Services (beta) will allow Zoom One Pro and Standard Pro users to create a hosted email account, which is only offered by a few providers, for free. Furthermore, Zoom One Business will provide up to 100GB of space and the ability to set up custom domains. It differs from other providers, though, because it includes full support for the Zoom platform along with the functionality that comes with a paid version.

Zoom Spots is an upcoming collaboration platform for remote workers, described as a “virtual workspace for colleagues” that aims to make working remotely easier. The product is set to launch in 2023.

Although some may argue that increased screen time could lead to digital burnout, Zoom seems convinced that it’s the answer to our ever-changing work environment. However, the real question is how much screen time is too much?

If you are looking for a better meeting experience, then look no further.

With demand for remote work increasing, companies are looking to find solutions to improving employee engagement. Zoom’s solution was to provide more ways for employees to record and share their work with their clients, including lots of new features like:

Smart Recordings: A feature that allows employees to skip over the dull bits and find what’s important, so they can maximize their time.

Zooming into on the right template at the right setting will have the meeting working smoothly. Meeting Templates can now be edited by Zoom users according to your needs.

It’s easy to customize your Avatar with the new Zoom! In addition, Zoom automatically syncs your Avatars across computers and devices.

With the video-clip feature, your audiences can watch and share presentations while they’re on their smartphone or in a web browser.

Which Service Is Better? Zoom or Google Workspace

With over 4 million business worldwide, Zoom is undeniably one of the most popular web conferencing tools. However, Google’s Workspace might be the more convenient option for businesses looking for a more versatile and scalable chat tool compared to what Zoom has to offer.

Brands like WebEx and GoToMeeting are strong contenders too, offering a range of features and affordable pricing. See how they compare with our dedicated web conferencing quote form here.

There’s no wrong choice here. Both products have their pros and cons, but the better one for you will be the one that best fulfills your business needs. Google Workspace has plenty of features, but Zoom is constantly evolving and we like this about them.

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