Tiktok got 4 million comments on Google Play Store

A significant amount of people from all over the world are expressing their anger and disappointment over how much TikTok’s review system, or lack thereof, has affected them. And due to this, the app’s star rating is currently down to 1.3 stars which was once 4.5 stars a few days ago.

Even though TikTok received as many as 4 million new comments on Google Play Store, I highly doubt that it’ll be removed. Most of the responses were negative, but even if it was given a 1 star rating, there’s no solid evidence that it would be taken off the app store.

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In an article by Business Insider India, Vivek Shah who develops apps says that if you get poor ratings on your app, it will still be available for download. This is because the reviews are what contribute to the app’s success.

In addition, there’s evidence that suggests that if a customer receives a 1-star review then the massive amount of others should be removed from their account.

The Zoom app experience is made for people who are always on the go.

If a company’s user growth takes off, but the company doesn’t face-up to its security concerns, it can be troublesome. Zoom, the video calling app that saw 1900% user growth during quarantine, had security problems that caused people to get hacked.

A lot of people commented on the negative that had the ratings drop from 4.5 to 2.0. However, a few days later, the rating was back up to 4.0 and Google did not say why it happened.

DingTalk fell victim to a similar incident, when thousands of students left negative impressions on the Apple play store to avoid online classes. However, DingTalk was available for download even after that.

The Business Insider reached out to both Google and TikTok for a response, but has not received one yet.

Fazal Siddiqui’s video got YouTube into trouble and ended with them deleting his YouTube channel in the wake of that controversy.

Many have accused TikTok of inappropriate content, leading to Youtube removing Carry Minati’s roasting incident and Faisal Siddiqui’s acid attack video.

One day after a video that Faisal Siddiqui uploaded on his account, TikTok suspended him for violating “multiple community terms.” The video was actually encouraging acid attacks on women.

People are angry and furious after watching an acid attack video on Twitter. Siddiqui is now being accused of promoting these acid attacks and should be held accountable for this asap.

A large number of people including Rekha Sharma, who is the chairperson of the National Commission for women, called for a ban on the application. Even Bollywood Star Anupam Kher weighed in, tweeting “Ban TikTok.”

The hashtag #BanTikTok has been trending on Twitter for three days with all the anger directed at TikTok. It looks like their goal of doubling their Indian user base may not be an easy one.

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