The Republican National Committee has sued Google over their email spam filters.

Republicans recently accused Gmail of unfair email delivery, threatening the party’s fundraising and get-out-the-vote efforts.
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A lawsuit filed in the District Court for the Eastern District of California accuses Gmail of discriminating against a minority group. Emails sent by and to the group are being sorted into spam folders, impacting both fundraising and get-out-the-vote efforts.

With over 10 months in a row of Republican emails to Google’s spam folder, we committed to taking legal action. We were tired of this blatant bias that ultimately made it harder to engage with important community members. We are ready to strike back, now more than ever.

In a statement, Google denied the charges against them. “As we have repeatedly said, Gmail’s spam filters reflect users’ actions, and we didn’t filter emails based on political affiliation,” said the spokesman. Furthermore, he promised that Google works hard to “maximize email deliverability while minimizing unwanted spam.”

Google’s search algorithms

Google has recently been sued for alleged deceptive conduct. The lawsuit claims that Google’s Gmail, the world’s largest email service, filters solicitations and other material to help promote the well-being of their users while preventing them from being inundated in junk mail. To ensure that only messages that a user would want to see show up in their inboxes, Google and other major email services employ screening programmes.

The suit alleges that Google treated emails sent by the RNC as spam, which significantly harmed the organization during an important period for campaigning. The suit says this happened on a significant number of occasions, but most notably in late August when the RNC had moved to build up their email list after Donald Trump’s nomination and polling at record highs.

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Gmail has been accused of being biased by a study that examined the emails of US presidential candidates during the 2020 campaign. Emails with left-wing political views were estimated to be put into spam folders approximately 10 percent of the time while 77 percent of those with right-wing messages were blocked.

A study found that Gmail’s rivals, Yahoo and Microsoft’s Outlook, were more likely to favour pitches from conservative causes than Google.

In April, the RNC made an official complaint to the Federal Election Commission (FEC), alleging that Google’s censorship of its fundraising efforts amounted to an in-kind contribution to Democratic candidates. This supposedly unfairly benefited candidates like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, who according to the RNC are “far-left” candidates.

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