The recent drop in earnings for Google could spell doom for the digital ad industry.

Google-parent Alphabet, the titan of the digital advertising industry, reported weaker-than-expected earnings for Q3. They also suggest that even the most entrenched businesses in their sector are having trouble navigating what appears to be an arduous landscape before them.

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As revenue continues to fall, experts warn that it may not be long for YouTube as going concerns. The site is facing stiff competition from TikTok, which is holding on to its demographic with a slew of features and nothing but ad revenue on the horizon.

“Times like this are clarifying” said Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google during a call with analysts.

No, they aren’t.

The declining quarterly earnings of a once-powerful Internet giant provide further evidence that the digital advertising industry is in peril. Despite a recent uptick in sales, the company’s 3Q results show that consumers are turning to non-traditional content sources for their entertainment. They also point to the stunning dominance of TikTok – a social media app which has started to eat away at profits enjoyed by companies such as Google and Facebook.

After Snap reported poor earnings last week, other giants in the tech sector went into negative territory shortly after their trading day ended. Meta was down 4% while Snap and Pinterest were both down 4%.

It’s predicted that Google may experience a tough quarter, which means that the market for digital advertising in general will experience some uncertainty. Despite these circumstances, Insider Intelligence’s principal analyst Evelyn Mitchell said that “the good news is that Google is still quite powerful despite its problems and these problems are likely to easy fix.”

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