The Best Extensions to Personalise Google Chrome in 2022

There are many browser extensions which can improve your Chrome experience. They’re the greatest feature because they provide users with nearly endless opportunities, but they’re also the worst since you might miss out on even more if you never look into them.

Some Chrome extensions do a lot more than just reorganizing your email inbox. They help you screen off websites with inappropriate content by doing things like that.

Here are four Chrome extensions which will serve you well.

Save to Google Drive is a browser extension that saves the webpage you’re on to your Google Drive account, so you can view it later. There’s also a more specific option in the right-click menu.

This extension is designed to take screenshots and save photos, audio, or video. This quick and easy solution is helpful for anyone who wants to quickly send files across devices.

The Inbox by Gmail app was a productivity-focused alternative to Gmail that allowed users to prioritize their inboxes. Google announced the closure of this app, and people were understandably disappointed.

Sortd is an AI Chrome addon which does the job. You simply should install the addon in Google Chrome, and then be able to drag a Gmail message into a custom column. It also has a sidebar, where you can take notes and manage your to-do list.

With this new service, you can quickly scan your email using Gmail as usual at any time.

Honey is a popular Chrome extension that allows you to easily find coupons while shopping online. From an icon next to the URL, to a centralised website – which can be tailored by filtering by brand or category – it simplifies the search process.

Shopping online may be difficult to find the best deals. Honey can help you do that by comparing prices on popular apps and finding the lowest price.

Chrome’s download process is not attractive or user-friendly. Opening new tabs and looking through downloaded items cannot be done because the process is disjointed and unorganized.

The Chrome Extension Marketplace allows for a more convenient way of downloading files. You can sort files by date or file type and also preview them after they have finished downloading.

Websites you visit may be harvesting your information, and it’s difficult to determine their security.

One way you can potentially protect yourself on the internet is to install HTTPS Everywhere. Chances are, many of the websites you visit don’t use secure “https” protocol, but HTTPS Everywhere uses one task – flipping your domain name from HTTP to HTTPS – and it does that really, really well.

Dalton extension helps people with colorblindness see colors

There are many people who cannot distinguish colors well, but the world isn’t designed for them. Dalton Chrome is a website enhancement that some people find to be very useful.

Dalton is a digital assistant that helps people with colorblindness read the sites they are on in a way that they can view. The name Dalton comes from being in the top right corner of the browser, which is where it appears to make it easier for people to tell what type of colorblindess they have. One can adjust how difficult a page is by moving the sliders and it assesses the degree of difficulty based on how readable its options are. Any form of colorblindness cannot be cured, but Dalton may be an option for you if you want to better see a site.

With the internet, you don’t need to worry about your connection speed when streaming or downloading as it is quick and efficient. Speedtest will help you determine your internet speed if you ever need to check it.

Speedtest is a network connection speed tester. It runs by running a quick test on any network you’re connected to and doesn’t have any other features besides that. However, if you want to know about your connection speed, then Speedtest can help to tell you.

Tab Suspender automatically suspends tabs after a certain amount of time, so that Chrome doesn’t slow down.

Grammarly is not a new Chrome plugin and it’s useful. Regardless of your writing skills, you worry about unintended typos or spelling errors, but Grammarly will find and correct them automatically.

You can make your blogs more effective with a spell-checking system that is twice as thorough.

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