Spotify Premium is available for download outside of Google’s Play Store

Spotify has been one of the first participants in Google‘s Universal Credit trial programme, allowing their customers to pay outside of the Play Store.

Spotify and Google have partnered to launch the subscription programme in the coming weeks, after “good response and feedback.” Spotify will roll out third-party payments so that Android customers can decide how to pay for a Premium subscription themselves.

Spotify’s invoicing service doesn’t track your subscriptions, so it is easy to switch to the platform’s own service when you’re finished. It’s all taken care of by Google. If you want to use credit card, that’s no problem.

G Suite for Play can now give your same experience to others. To avail of the new feature, developers must follow UX guidelines such as providing an information and billing page when a user purchases a service or offering price prominently displayed.

We asked Google about the Universal Creative Blocked policy. If we hear more, we’ll update.

Right now, there are no indications that the App Store will feature UCB – its likely that Telegram won’t be around for much longer. Apple’s 2021 court battle with Epic Games is similar, as the company tells people to not purchase anything from the game.
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The Open Markets Act would help prevent Google and Apple from harming competitors. It’s unclear when Google will step completely outside of their previous practices, but it’s clear they want to work better with competitors.

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