Meghan Markle hit out at Google for gender stereotyping, saying she had ‘a jaw on the floor’

The black-woman stereotype is a bigger problem than most people know, according to Meghan Markle.

The latest episode of the bombshell podcast Archetypes included the Duchess of Sussex, who had some surprising things to say about a study by Gender Studies Professor Dr Safiya U.

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This mum established that when you type in a question on Google, it will try to guess what your questions are.

“Maybe you could go to the library and research that yourself.”

“An autofill from the device was trying to guess their thoughts but failed. Underneath, it had written these options: ‘Why are black women so loud? Why are black women so mean? Why are black women so angry?’

She also said, “Those were the seeds being planted, this idea that a black woman must be angry,” she added.

Corey Slick– the best-selling author of the one-page Facebook ad guide – also shed light on findings of Dr Noble’s book, Algorithms of Oppression.

“An angry black woman. What often make us feel this way are the struggles we face, and sometimes things happen in our life that can’t be fixed. This includes the frustrations of dealing with different people who might not understand you or your experience.”

This is not a specific feeling that belongs to either gender or race. Yet this stereotype of an angry black woman persists and, as we saw in this book, it was constantly reinforced in ways we hadn’t even realized.

“”And from that, I started to dig deeper – where does this idea even come from? Why has it been attributed to black women?”” She continued by adding.

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