Mark Zuckerberg learned same lesson as Google

Mark Zuckerberg wants to replicate what Google accomplished with Android, but he’s making a lot of mistakes.

Is Apple controlling your life? Meta wants to take back the power.

Social media giant Facebook announced last year that it would rebrand from Facebook to META. Experts say this was as a way of regaining control of consumer data from Apple.

According to Google, Android was made for the same reasons that Zuckerberg’s project is also interested in creating AI. However, one key difference with Android is that it has succeeded due to one specific ingredient.

Apple’s change in policy caused Facebook to redesign their monetization strategy.

Last year, Apple updated its privacy policy, making it more difficult for social media platforms such as Facebook to collect and use consumer data for advertising purposes.

“Apple has essentially made Facebook’s returns revert to the mean because they removed a massive data source in terms of their access to app user data,” said Mark Zgutowicz, a Meta analyst at Benchmark.

Because this would likely come at a serious cost to Meta,

Laura Martin, research analyst at Needham, claims that 95% of Meta’s revenue comes from mobile devices. Additionally, the company’s CEO mentioned that Apple’s new policy will result in $10 billion of lower revenue in 2022.

“Meta’s goal is to replace Apple’s centrality in the lives of consumers,” Martin recently wrote in a note to investors.

There are two different platforms: Android and Metaverse.

Google developed Android way back in the day for the same reason it does most things: to compete with Apple.

According to the book Dogfight, Google scrapped its planned first-iteration Android phone just before launch and redesigned it to look like the sleeker first-generation iPhone.

According to Walter Isaacson’s 2011 book, Steve Jobs (who was Apple’s co-founder and CEO), was reportedly incensed when Google introduced Android. He believed that Android was a copy of the iPhone and called it “a stolen product”.

But it turns out that Google’s strategy of trying to escape Apple’s supremacy is totally different than the tactic Meta employed with their gambit. The difference? With Google, there was already proof of consumer demand for the product it was apparently duping Apple, while Apple had sold 1 million iPhones in just 74 days after release.

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