Google is welcoming Spring with a new doodle!

Today, we’re heralding Spring Day with a doodle. Spring begins on March 20th and lasts until June 21st in the Northern Hemisphere.

Google is celebrating the season of Spring today, March 20, 2021. The season of flowers begins in the Northern Hemisphere on March 20 and lasts till June 21. Today is the Spring equinox, which means that it is the first day of Spring and, as a result, the sun will pass from its southern to northern position.

The spring equinox happens when the sun is directly in line with the equator. This day marks the beginning of spring in North America, while still-long winter days get longer until June, when the summer solstice takes place.

Do you live in the Southern Hemisphere and are in need of a reminder that Spring is just around the corner? The weather has finally been warming up, which makes this doodle perfect! Google has recreated what nature could be like during Spring. Follow the beautiful colours of blue, green, red, orange, yellow, pink and green. There’s also an animated animal called a hedgehog that comes out of hibernation each Spring but this time it’s spring-cleaned!

An equinox is the time when the number of daylight hours and nighttime hours are nearly equal, though an actual day and night do not overlap every day.

Spring is the season that begins after the winter season and before the summer season. The three months of Spring in the northern hemisphere are from March to May.

The second equinox happens near September 22.

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