Google is now adding AR features to help harried holiday shoppers.

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Google showcased a number of new augmented reality search features at an event in New York City Wednesday evening, positioning itself as an enhancement for holiday shopping. The new tech can help people do more of their gift planning online.

A photo library can help people match foundation to their skin tone. It has the ability to use 148 images of models spanning genders and ethnicity and offers an application of 2,000 different shades from various brands.

Google has also introduced a new feature for shopping on the web–shoppers can try-on shoes as if they were in real-space. Using AR, shoppers can even find their size and style before purchase. Saucony, Vans, and Merrell are just a few of the early partners to be involved in this partnership but Google says that any company with 3D assets of their product can participate.

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Google is making AR-powered search one of its top priorities during the holiday season. Brick-and-mortar retail has been making a comeback this year as e-commerce growth has slowed down, but many people still intensively research products online before they buy. Meanwhile, more and more consumers could be choosing to only purchase one gift in order to save money, which means personalization is becoming more and more important for brands.

Have you ever felt left out because you couldn’t get a particular product or service? These holiday features will help you get that experience, even when there isn’t an actual store nearby.

Google’s new virtual tools are aimed at giving people a better sense of what a product looks like beyond static image and text. These tools are part of Google’s larger attempt to reinvent its search engine to be more oriented around visuals and harder-to-find information for those on mobile phones. People who search “Shop blue Vans sneakers” will now see a 3D visualization that they can scroll through, spin, and zoom in on at the tap of their finger. And pushing the new “View in my space” prompt places the model in a real-world setting where it can be examined using an immersive 360 view.

The ability to buy products without leaving the search engine is a step in the direction of making Google more valuable to marketers and retailers, who can now use the tool to connect with those looking for shoes in particular. Developing new tools like this helps younger generations search for products on websites that are still primarily focused on traditional marketplaces.

Google is making 3D modeling easier than it’s been in the past, which could make it more attractive for businesses. Google’s training machine learning to be able to assemble interactive virtual assets from just a few images instead of relying on hundreds of photographs. The company cites research that suggests consumers engage with 3D imagery 50% more than static photography, potentially reflective of that experience being more novel.

A recent study showed that 60% of surveyed consumers have refrained from buying a beauty product online because they don’t feel confident in the color choice. This is an issue for the cosmetics industry, which has made the leap to e-commerce and needs people to feel confident in their color choice when making purchases. The firm found that 41% of those surveyed had returned an item because it was the wrong shade.

The new Shoplyfter photo library has all the solutions people need to completely transform their skin tone, hair color and eye color in one quick purchase. It’s easy for anyone to find the foundation that looks best on them and make it a reality. They can choose from a list of retailers to complete their purchase whenever they like.

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