Google gives 15,000 scholarships to Pakistan

Google has partnered with the Pakistani government to give 15,000 scholarships per year to competent youth who want to work in Pakistan’s tech sector.

American tech giant want to invests $3.5 million in Pakistan. A senator says that the money will go towards improving digital skills, eliminating internet outages, and installing Wi-Fi hotspots in rural areas.

The senator said an increase in the sale of 5G licences and heavy investment would result in billions of dollars in foreign exchange and increased IT exports.

The sovereign loan of $1 billion that South Korea has given Pakistan will be set at a rate of interest at 0.1%.

Pakistan has many ways to develop their IT region as a regional power in the near future.

The senator said he is interested in revolutionizing the IT sector of his country along with government and other individuals. The senator also mentioned that he would use his higher education in the field of information technology for the benefit of the country.

The leadership of Pakistan Muslim League-Nasheen (PML-N) are aware of the plight of Pakistani people and want to grow the IT sector in Pakistan. The sector thrives quickly and pays off large investments within a short amount of time.

We are working on developing manpower in the IT sector. We will try and make sure that we can do this by removing any barriers for foreign investment to enter.

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