Google estimated that LE 11.2B would be driven to the Egyptian economy in 2021.

According to Google’s latest report, released May 24th, they direct and estimated LE 11.2 billion in economic activity in Egypt in 2021.

Google’s newest endeavor is the Google Impact Report, which looks at how Google products like Search, Play and Maps help people across the world. It includes data based on public poll results and economic modeling. Impact Reports are new to Google and cover countries all around the globe, including their home countries of United States, Canada, Mexico, the UK and Algeria.

The Google Impact Report answers three questions about the impact of Google products in 2021. It details how people, companies, and the economy will feel the impact of these changes.

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Despite the increase in market share for Android over other mobile operating systems, a recent study found that the ecosystem surrounding Android supports up to 85,000 jobs in Egypt every year.

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The growth of YouTube channels earning 6 figures or more doubled from last year [Google Internal Data – 2021] and so did the number of developers making $10,000 per month on Google Play.

Many people now rely on Google to find the latest Covid-19 content. With this statistic, it was found that over five million existing YouTube users are parents of children who use YouTube Kids for their learning.

People are using Google Search in new and exciting ways. According to a recent study, 77 percent of respondents said they have used it to learn a new skill and 58 percent people said they use it to look for a job. Additionally, every month, an average of 11 million women use Google Search to look for a job.

Egypt is home to a lot of thriving businesses. A recent study revealed that 45% of people used Google Maps to find them, and 49% of businesses reported an increase in customers coming from online search or search advertising in the last two years.

The truth is that many online businesses don’t even realize the value of a great digital tool like Google Workspace. It’s a collection of cloud computing, collaboration tools, like Gmail and Meet, ensuring that they remain productive and reach their potential remotely.

Along with their research designs, Covid-19 helps customers track differences in leadership and people skills over time. With their help, clients can get a deeper understanding of how employees’ abilities and styles are evolving.

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Google expresses their gratitude towards all of the people, businesses, content creators and developers in Egypt. They’ve seen the growth and innovation that Egyptians have made over the years. Some of these initiatives are to help those who need skills and tools to grow, or to help companies scale successfully online.

In October 2020, the total amount of money given out to help one million people and businesses in Middle East and North Africa grow will be $13 million.

The program aims to accelerate the economic recovery in the Middle East and North Africa region, by offering training and financial grants to help local businesses and job seekers.

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