Google approved app for Trump’s Truth Social – Reports

Why Google Play is taking its time with the approval of an app launched by Trump’s Presidential Campaign?

Google has delayed approval of the ‘Truth Social Network’ app as it does not have enough content moderation.

When a user inserts content into the app, it is then matched to similar episodes and categorised accordingly. The system can learn that a certain kind of behaviour is inappropriate, such as uploading different versions of the same terrorist video.

Google said that they told Truth Social of several violations in their app’s latest submission and emphasized that effective moderation systems are a requirement for apps to be approved. According to the news outlet, this quote was from a Google spokesperson.

Officials in Apple are making sure they don’t approve of the Truth Social app

A source told Axios that Google has concerns over content. This content includes not only what users say, but also physical threats and incitements to violence. However, there are still messages with calls for violence on the network that do not have “sensitive content” badges, according to a source.

This report found that a majority of US smartphone users (around half) cannot download Trump’s social in part because it is not available on Android operating systems.

It merits mentioning that Trump announced his plan to develop a competitive social media service last October, which received considerable coverage in the United States.

Trump asserts that his new social network will fight censorship from large companies and protect the rights of free speech.

Unlike Twitter, Truth Social offers searchable hashtags which makes it easier for the user to find posts that relate to their interests.

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